Edinburgh has a reputation for being a fantastic blend of beautiful, cultural and historical. It is a well deserved reputation. I spent last weekend (Feb 17th – 19th) there on a city break.

We spent three days walking the streets of Auld Reekie (the nickname for the city), taking in the atmosphere and the sights. The sound of bagpipes, the cobbled streets and the many colours of tartan.

I took with me a borrowed Nikon D7000 to try and capture some of the city’s aura.



With its powerful castle, cathedral and many monuments Edinburgh is steeped in history. The main city is split into the Old Town and New Town. The Old Town was the area protected by the city walls and the castle back when Edinburgh was regularly invaded by us Brits in the 13th and 14 centuries. Fortunately, it was only targeted once in the two World Wars meaning much of it’s history is intact today.

Five spires in Edinburgh from Calton Hill.
Dugald Stewart Monument and a view across the city.



Walking around the city I noticed a lot of contrast. Different types of architecture. Many textures. Natural stone buildings mixed in with brightly coloured walls. The small alleys of the old town and the ordered layout of the new town. The grand and decorated Holyroodhouse Palace stood opposite the modern “love it or hate it” design of the parliament building. It’s one of the many things that made Edinburgh so interesting to explore.

The “love it or hate it” design of the Scottish Parliament building.



The city is mostly built with sandstone, the buildings are beautifully architected and decorated with sculpture. But there is plenty of colour splashed about to create a vibrance amongst the traditional buildings..

I loved the way these cars appeared to park in colour coordination to the buildings.



Edinburgh is a city full of life, ready to be explored. It has a lot of character. Piper’s playing traditional Scottish music in the city. Hints of laughter and humour, a nod to the famous Fringe Festival. The hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspots and the chilled out cafes for relaxing.

Getting the right angle.


Haste ye back.

If you ever get the chance I would highly recommend a trip to “Auld Reekie”. Two or three days is plenty to see the sights and take in the city. Whilst we chose to spend our time exploring there are plenty of things to do as well; explore the castle, the Scotch Whisky experience, Discover Earth and more. I would loved to have seen the Forth Bridges but we ran low on time and they are a little outside the city.

“Haste ye back”. I will.