A contrasting day.

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This year my wife and I have decided we’re going to explore more. We’ve decided to break up the year into visiting a few different places and we’ve booked trips to Edinburgh, Salzburg, Paris and Ljubljana. As well as travelling abroad we’re also exploring the UK.

The past weekend we went on a road trip about an hour south of where we live to visit Rye and Dungeness; they turned out to be two very contrasting places.

Reflecting in a coffee shop.

A trip to Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh has a reputation for being a fantastic blend of beautiful, cultural and historical. It is a well deserved reputation. I spent last weekend (Feb 17th – 19th) there on a city break.

We spent three days walking the streets of Auld Reekie (the nickname for the city), taking in the atmosphere and the sights. The sound of bagpipes, the cobbled streets and the many colours of tartan.

I took with me a borrowed Nikon D7000 to try and capture some of the city’s aura.