Hi there, I’m Mike.

I’m a  product design & research leader  with over a decade of experience.

Though not intended, I’ve regularly found myself as the first designer in an organisation which has given me the exciting scope to  establish and grow the functions of design and research in a variety of situations. 

This was true at a large corporate with Smiths Medical, in a growing digital agency with Deeson, and in a young start-up environment with Snowplow.

Whilst most of my career has focused on design and research, the roles I’ve been in have often trodden the blurred lines into Product Management as well.

The majority of my work lies in the  discovery, thinking and process  that goes into final solutions. I love helping solve business problems by applying a design thinking approach.

You can read more about my work below or read some of my thinking.



2019 – present

Joined as the first Product Designer. Established design and research practices within Product and the wider organisation. Grew the design and research team.

[view Snowplow]


2014 – 2019

Established the research and user experience discipline within the agency; grew the value of design and research projects; hired, coached and developed a team of six.

[view Deeson]

Smiths Medical

2011 – 2014

I joined as User Experience Specialist and in my three and a half years helped deliver results by encouraging the digital team and the product management team to operate with a more customer-focused mindset.

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